Today’s the day! Welcome to my first blog, and thank you for joining me here. As a nurse and holistic health coach, I’m my own client. This blog will not only document my personal health journey, but will hopefully provide you with the motivation, support, and information you need to help you set out on your own journey of self-discovery and health recovery.

People equate weight with health, and visa versa. This is a misconception and yet many of us struggle every minute of every day with what to eat, or not eat, in order to lose weight because “when we achieve that goal of the perfect number on the scale, we’ll be healthy (and happy)”. We physically and emotionally starve ourselves in our pursuit of health. How messed up is that?!

Health is NOT a number on the scale. In fact, there are people who are seriously unhealthy by virtue of being “skinny fat”. Their “numbers” look good but their health is poor. They don’t understand that “bikini does not =health”. I’ve played the numbers game (sizes, pounds, calories, portion size) my entire life and I have finally realized IT’S NOT ABOUT THE NUMBERS!

Don’t misunderstand me. Carrying excess weight does not promote health but I’m overweight because I’m unhealthy, I’m not unhealthy because I’m overweight. My (over) weight is a symptom of multiple health issues that have been brewing for many years, while I ignored the cries for help my body had been sending me. One day I realized that doing things MY way wasn’t working so I decided I was going to start working with an expert on my body-my BODY!

The inability to lose weight, frequent illnesses, sleep issues, depression, anxiety, irritability, joint pain, skin rashes, GI disturbances, uncontrollable cravings-these are just a few common complaints, but “common” doesn’t make them normal. Do you suffer from any of these? I did. Do you just manage the symptoms? I did. Caffeine and sugar to combat fatigue from poor sleep, creams for rashes, laxatives for constipation, Ibuprofen for pain? Are you too depressed to give yourself, and your life, the attention they deserve? These are messages from your body, symptoms of systemic “dis-ease”, that often times are directly related to the food we eat, and how we eat it. Not only is food fuel for our bodies but it’s also information. Every cell in our body bathes in what we eat, extracting information about HOW to function from those “nutrients”. This is also how cells mal-function, from soaking in misinformation from the overload of sugar and processed food we feed ourselves.

I was sick and tired of feeling like crap. I was sick and tired of food being the enemy. It’s not. Real food is medicine, with ZERO adverse side effects. We’ve lost track of what REAL food is, and isn’t. There are “foods” NO ONE should eat, but there isn’t one right/best way to eat that works for everyone. The trick is to listen to your own body and feed it what it’s asking for…unless it’s asking for sugar or junk food!
What are you hungry for? Do you literally feel weighed down? It can be overwhelming figuring out where to start, once you’ve decided you’ve got to do SOMETHING. Come along with me on this food journey. Let’s talk about how to eat to live, and let’s restore our health so we can finally feel better, and live better.

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  1. Cathie Wolfgram February 16, 2019 at 10:30 am Reply

    You are amazing and so wise! Thank you!

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