I help women empower themselves to live the lives they desire, from a position of holistic health—mind, body and spirit. The components of our lives are all interconnected. When one area is out of balance, it can throw everything off.

Here are some areas I help my clients with:

  • Nutritional education/dietary changes
    • We will get down and dirty learning the differences between “real” food and “processed” food, and how they directly affect your health.
  • Improving overall health through nutrition, stress reduction and self-care
    • We’ll get specific about what health issues you have going on and will customize a plan for you utilizing nutrition, stress management techniques, and self-care to address those issues.
  • Building a healthy relationship with food
    • Healthy eating is not just about WHAT you eat, but HOW you eat as well. No speed dating here…it’s time to get intimate!
  • Body image issues
    • Let’s get to the root of this once and for all! What are your expectations of your body and yourself? Where do they come from and how do they hold you back?
  • Creative ways to implement self-care
    • Most of us are not comfortable taking care of ourselves…we’re going to change that and you will love it!!
  • Building a life you love
    • What excites you on a daily basis? Are there areas in your life, other than your body, that are starving for attention? Let’s clean house and get ready for a “primary food” face lift!
  • Digging into issues involving shame, guilt, and vulnerability
    • Uh huh, we’re going here too…I have lots of Kleenex, and tears are cathartic. We cannot be healthy without being vulnerable and letting go of the shame/blame/guilt shit storm we put ourselves through…I will provide the shovel.
  • Loss/life changes
    • Grief is an unavoidable, and often solitary, process. It operates on its own timeline. When we ignore it, or try to rush it, it holds us back until we show it the time and respect it deserves. We don’t share our grief for fear of what someone else will think or feel when we open those flood gates. I can’t take away your pain but I can safely hold space for it while you do what you need to do to process it. What are you grieving the loss of?

Yep, I get it…it’s “knock you down and drag you through the dirt” hard but YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. Let’s talk.


“…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
-The World Health Organization

“a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.”
-The National Wellness Institute



Sarah is a very knowledgeable and skilled coach. She has a generous heart and while working with her I knew she was always rooting for me to succeed. Her unique talent lies in being able to listen attentively to what you are saying while weaving in expert-level health information and coaching tools. I strongly recommend working with Sarah.

I’ve been coached by Sarah regularly and can honestly say she’s made a big difference in my life. Her insights and guidance have always been spot on and she has terrific judgement about things. Sarah has helped me to see things more clearly and move in the direction of my dreams. I would highly recommend hiring Sarah as your coach!

Working with Sarah is like coming home.

She wraps her clients in a blanket of warmth, acceptance, and familiarity. She’ll create a healthy meal of soul food for you using practical tools, sense of humor and her unique intuition. When you venture back out in to the wild world refreshed, like a only a visit home can do, Sarah will be your number one cheer leader and buddy rooting for you and your journey. She does this all with a soft style that will keep you coming back for more.