Supportive Journey

Wellness is not just the absence of disease but the integration of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being.  When these are in balance, when you exist in a state of overall wellness, you are in position to pursue your best life.  This process is a challenging journey without a straight path.  You will have support along the way, but no one can do the actual work for you.  It will require commitment, an open mind, faith, courage, enthusiasm, and a curiosity for getting to know your true self.  The end result will be worth the effort!

I am not a therapist, although receiving life coaching can be very therapeutic.  Be prepared for me to hold a safe, nonjudgemental space for you; be prepared for me to ask you to honestly evaluate what is/is not working for you in your present life; be prepared for me to show you how to question, and turn around, your beliefs; be prepared for me to teach you how to tune back into, and interpret, the messages your body is sending you; be prepared for me to provide you with techniques to reduce stress and nourish your body and soul; be prepared for me to support you in making necessary changes that might feel scary for you; be prepared for me to encourage you to exercise your imagination and DREAM.  In short, be prepared for me to facilitate your discovery of the endless possibilities that can be your life.